Stainless Steel and Lubricant Free Vibrators.

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Product Overview.

ProSpare supply a fully comprehensive range of pneumatic and electric vibratory equipment designed for use in a diverse range of applications which include assisting material flow from hoppers, feeding, screening and compacting.

The range includes stainless steel, ATEX compliant and lubrication free models which are ideal for use in hygienic applications.  With over 25 years experience our engineering team offer free technical advice.

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GTSS Stainless Steel Rotary Turbine Vibrators

The GTSS range of turbine vibrators are particularly suitable for use in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries in hazardous areas where contact with non-ferrous materials, paint or exhaust contaminated oil is unacceptable.

The GTSS Stainless Steel turbine vibrator comprises of a body section, one end plate having right hand thread and a detachable foot. The end plate should only be removed using the correct size face spanner. Vibration is produced by the centrifugal force of the positive and negative unbalanced moments in the rotor.

The rotor is supported on two heavy duty pre-lubricated matched sealed bearings. A special high performance grease ensures a long working life. The inner and outer raceways of the bearings are designed so that the bearings can easily be removed without using special tools.

Maximum temperature 120ºC = 250ºF
Noise level range 60 to 75 dBA
No lubrication is required, but clean filtered air is essential.

These vibrators are extremely quiet and produce low noise levels on most applications, thus helping to conform with noise regulations.

FPLF Lubrication Free Linear Vibrators

The FPLF model pneumatic piston vibrator does not require lubrication. It produces a linear vibration with an infinitely variable amplitude and frequency. The frequency is controlled by the air pressure.

A spring is incorporated in the body to ensure self starting when used in conjunction with a self exhausting valve.  The vibrator requires a minimum of 30 PSI to operate.

The aluminium body is hard coated, corrosion resistant and the piston is specially treated for lubrication free use.

The power-to-weight ratio of the unit makes it particularly efficient for feeder applications. Explosion proof, light weight, compact quiet and efficient, these units are ideal for most applications.  Easy to install and designed to work continuously under the most arduous conditions.  Servicing requirements are minimal.

Installation Instructions

An air line filter must be used to guarantee a long working-life.

These vibrators are suitable for use in ambient temperatures up to 50ºC = 120ºF.  Maximum air pressure 6 Bar = 87 PSI.

General Maintenance

The FPLF model vibrator has a long life with no undue piston or cylinder wear.  The air line filter must be inspected and cleaned at regular intervals.  Dirt or contaminated oil will slow down or stop the vibrator.

MVSS Stainless Steel Electric Vibrators

The MVSS Stainless Steel rotary electric external vibrator is a special electric motor with both ends of the shaft extended and fitted with eccentric weights. Suitable in industries where protection is required against aggressive substances Chemical – Packaging – Metallurgical – Plastics – Food Industry etc.

The motor is an asynchronous type and consists of a stator with a low loss magnetic core lamination this results in high efficiency and a low running temperature for the motor.

The casing is made of AISI 316L SS. The windings are wound to Class F insulation, and are totally vacuum encapsulated which eliminates the need for anti-condensation heaters.

The combination of a drive shaft treated to withstand high stress and the specifically designed oversized bearings enable the units to perform continuous duty with 100% centrifugal force.

Weight covers: 1.2mm or 1.5mm thick stainless steel

Eccentric weights: Lamellar or clamped stainless steel

Holes centres: Identical to the MVSI range

Mechanical strength and shock resistance: IP 66, IK08

Ambient temperature: -30° to + 40° C

Typical Uses:
Feeding – Screening – Compacting – Hopper evacuation

Typically used in sectors:

*Disclaimer - ProSpare does not warrant that any Goods will be suitable for any particular purpose of the Customer, whether or not that purpose has been made known by the Customer to the Company. The Customer assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of the Goods and it is the Customer’s responsibility for compliance for any specific application.

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